Mount Sunapee


The climb was challenging. The view was amazing. I have to say that Mount Sunapee is one of my favorite hikes so far.

I know that I was supposed to have learned my lesson about always doing my research before a climb. And I did. But halfway to the mountain we had researched, we decided to switch mountains. So a quick Google search via smart phone, a change in navigation, and we were on our way to Mount Sunapee.

On the drive, we passed by Lake Sunapee, the welcoming shores tempting us with the promise of a lazy day spent playing in the water. But we were on a mission and would not be swayed. Then, upon reaching the base of the mountain, we were shocked to discover that there’s an Adventure Center at the base of the mountain. Zip lining, Frisbee golf, ski lifts, Mini Golf!!!! I’m a HUGE mini golf nerd. The lure of brightly colored balls and ridiculously arranged greens….did I mention there was ice cream? But, alas, we were there to hike up the mountain, not play, so hike we did.
mountain1 This was no neatly manicured walkway. Trees that had fallen across the path were left for hikers to hurdle. Slippery rocks, gnarled tree roots and multiple switchbacks added to the charm of this rugged trail. Plenty of steep inclines made this hike a good test of strength and endurance. Going full speed ahead, we covered the 2.1 miles to the summit in just under an hour and a half. The final approach was a short walk through a tangle of purple wildflowers.
We had the entire summit to ourselves. The views were gorgeous; a great reward for a challenging hike. I’d definitely recommend Mount Sunapee. It was a moderately hard climb, great views at the top, and very few other hikers. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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