A thousand words….

039     032  IMAG0838     I love taking pictures. I always have. I remember when my grandparents gave me a Polaroid camera as a little girl. I’d spend HOURS painstakingly arranging ‘scenes’, posing my Breyer model horses on a white sheet with a piece of fencing, creating my version of a winter wonderland.


In middle and high school, every field trip, slumber party and event, the camera was glued to my hand. Hundreds of photos, candid shots to posed pics and everything in between, piled up under my shutter happy finger. Every important moment frozen for eternity. Always behind the camera, very rarely in front. 



     Out of seven years of college, the year of photography I got to take was by far my favorite class. My portfolio may have been a tad too artistic for crime scene photos, but I couldn’t resist. Yes, my crime scenes were staged. I like to think that you could feel Hitchcock’s influence in my shots. Happiness was the dark room, watching as my visions came to life.


Now, I’m a weekend warrior. Whatever pain and strife I endure on a tough hike is worth it if I get the shot. I take entirely too many pictures of my pups. I love when I get that pack of developed pictures and see the shot that could be on a calendar. It makes my day brighter. It’s my bliss.

So I’m sharing some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of years 🙂


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