Adventures in Pumpkin Carving!



Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can’t help but love it. It’s a time for candy, dressing-up, and letting your inner child out for some fun. For me, Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without carving a pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving is a form of art. I’ve tried improving my skills over the years. I’ve spent hours looking at some of the spectacular creations that some people make with pumpkins. I want to be one of those people.



Last year I carved a Gremlin in reminiscence of the 80s movie I enjoyed as a kid. I also was the ‘artist’ behind this pumpkin featuring the creepy puppet featured in the SAW movies.



In 2011 I was so proud of my JAWS pumpkin – until people kept asking me what it was. Apparently it’s not as easy to see as I thought.


And the year before that, I made a werewolf. My dogs chose that one.

This year I wanted to do something grand! Something fantastic! I narrowed it down to three options – a cobra, a Tyrannosaur, and a shark.  I chose the shark, since my JAWS pumpkin failure left me feeling a little blue. I spent an hour lightly drawing my design onto my pumpkin. I don’t use a stencil, I look at a picture online and freehand the design. Maybe that’s my problem.


I was really excited, because this year I was choosing a pattern that required both carving and peeling – removing the outer orange skin layer of the pumpkin, but not cutting entirely through it. It’s a way of creating shading for a more 3D, detailed design. This is the shark image I chose.


I failed, however, to realistically consider my time constraints. It had taken me a week to get around to gutting my pumpkin. Then another 5 days to sketch it out. Now, my time was up, and I had very little time left to actually carve the pumpkin. I HAD to get it done before Halloween. But, thinking over my schedule, I had only about a ½ that I could dedicate to my creation. It’s not something I can multitask, like typing a blog on my phone while in line at the grocery store. So, much to my dismay, this is my last minute masterpiece.

I promise myself, next year…..


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