Something Cold, Something New


The temperature is quickly dropping and I’m settling in for my second New England winter. It takes a few weeks for me to acclimate and make myself venture outside in the cold, but it will happen. Eventually. I promise.


It’s only a matter of time before it snows. I want nothing to do with mountains in the snow, except maybe take some pictures of beautiful snow capped peaks – from afar. And I have no interest in skiing. Anything that involves whizzing down a hill at high speeds while my legs are able to go in two different directions is not for me. I might giving snowboarding a try, but I’ll leave skiing to those who are less accident prone.


I tend to abandon most of my usual outdoor activities when the temperature drops. It’s just not the same when you have to bundle up. So I’ve been tasked with finding new things to do when it gets cold outside. After trying a few things I discovered that I like snowshoeing.

Last year I used my newly discovered talent of snowshoeing to check out some frozen waterfalls. It had never occurred to me before that waterfalls freeze in winter. It’s not that I didn’t believe it could happen, it’s just that when you’re able to go to the beach on Christmas, those aren’t the kinds of things you think about.



My favorite frozen waterfalls so far are those at Enders Falls in Granby, CT. Depending on where you start your hike, there’s a series of 5 or 6 falls, all of varying drops. You do lose a bit of elevation  as you travel along the river, so you will have to hike up on your way back, but it’s definitely worth it. Seeing the falling water trapped in time was an remarkable experience.


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  1. You should try cross country skiing. Better exercise and most of it takes place on flatter land. I used to cross country ski, and I am going to try to take it up again. (Just have to get the hubby to go with me…we got the skis and boots, now I just have to actually get out out.)


  2. Gorgeous pictures!
    Until last winter, I would have described myself as a indoor person when the weather gets cold. I was talked into hiking the entire Bruce Trail in southwestern Ontario and spent the winter hiking in all kinds of weather. I discovered it was a wonderland.
    I’m still not a big fan of the cold, but I now appreciate that there is always something beautiful to experience regardless of the weather. Waterfalls were definitely my favourite … and deer …. and deer near waterfalls …. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I wouldn’t have imagined that I would choose to spend a second more out in the snow and cold than I had to, but you’re right – there’s still so much to enjoy. It’s a trade off 🙂 This year I’m bound and determined to see a moose!


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