My Very Happy Unbirthday

ic6Today is my very happy unbirthday. One of many, I admit, but a holiday (to me) just the same. Since I celebrate all my non-birthdays, I like to try to do something really special when my actual birthday rolls around. Last year I went ice climbing (my first time) at Northern Lights Rock & Ice in Essex Junction, Vermont.


I had a blast! I was a little apprehensive about going at first. Climbing and ice were two words that really just didn’t seem to go together. But when you strap the crampons on your boots and you take the ice axes in hand something special happens – you become a person with many sharp objects with which you could hurt yourself (or others).


Northern Lights Rock & Ice is a great place for beginners to try ice climbing for the first time. They provide you with all of the equipment you need. They also have their own ice wall, complete with rope and pulley system to belay you. Great idea, because if something should go awry and someone does get injured, you’re in the middle of a town, accessible to help, instead of being out in the wild. Another great thing is that if you like them on Facebook (clink link) you can get a ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon!


I had such a great time that I’ve planned another ice climbing trip, this time for Christmas. Out in the mountains in New Hampshire. On wild ice. (As long as it’s there, otherwise the trip will have to be postponed.) Which brings up the question – what will I do for my next birthday? I think I want to try spelunking.

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