Not for the Chicken Hearted



I like trying new things. And I like to eat. Put them together, and I like to try new things to eat. So when I saw a Groupon for Rodizio style Brazilian Barbecue, I couldn’t pass it up.

rodRodizio is a type of restaurant service in which you are continuously brought new samples of food until you signal the waiter that you have had enough (or just need a bit of a break). Upon sitting, we were brought a couple of wooden pegs which we would use to signal the server –  the green side meaning bring more meat, and the red side meaning stop. The concept was simple enough.

rod1The meat was brought over on metal skewers and was either sliced at the table, or portioned off shish kabob style. An endless parade of meat ensued. Roast beef, sirloin, bacon wrapped chicken, steak, lamb, and sausage . . . until the server arrived with a skewer filled with tiny pieces of meat. Until then, the servings had been quite generous, so we knew this meat must be special. We were then asked if we’d like to try some chicken hearts.

rod3My first reaction was disgust. Chicken hearts? In my mouth? I kept my expression blank as my dining companion asked if they were any good. The server, obviously used to people expressing their revulsion, shyly said that he thought they were the best part of the meal. What’s the point of trying new things if you don’t really try new things? So I opted for the chicken hearts, and to my surprise, they were tasty. A little chewy, perhaps, but with a good flavor.



The dinner was accompanied by an all you can eat buffet with traditional Brazilian dishes such as feijoada, made with black beans and pork, moqueca, a dish consisting of slow cooked fish, and acarajé which is made from deep fried black eyes peas. After the buffet and trying 12 different types of meat and some grilled pineapple, I was ready for them to pry me out of the booth and roll me to the car. Trying Brazilian style Rodizio barbecue was a fantastic experience, chicken hearts and all! I can’t wait to gorge myself on meat again.

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  1. I have had the pleasure of eating this several times – including once in Brazil. I absolutely agree with you – this is an amazing meal. I’ve never been disappointed and recommend it to any and all meat lovers I know!!!


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