Lessons Learned . . . Again

gunstock4Sometimes the third time isn’t the charm. Sometimes it might just be better to leave well enough alone. Am I wise enough to take my own advice? Unfortunately, no.

The first time we tried to hike Mount Whiteface, the GPS took us on a wild goose chase, and we ended up hiking Mount Gunstock on the way home just to get out of the car for a while. The second time, thanks to careful charting and planning, we made it to Whiteface. Then someone, who shall remain nameless, locked the keys in the car. In nameless’s defense, they were a member of Triple A and were able to get a locksmith out to retrieve the keys. Unfortunately, it was after several hours, making it much too late to begin a very long hike.


But, you live, you learn . . . and then you forget what you learned and end up hiking the back way up Gunstock again because, on your third attempt to hike Mount Whiteface, the GPS again takes you to the wrong place. Thus, the implementation of a new plan. Enter the dawn of the specific directions to the trail head on paper plan. So much for the age of technology, sometimes old school is better.

belknapWe did take a different and much more enjoyable trail up Gunstock this time. After a quick lunch at the summit – different from most mountains because there are tables, bathrooms, and a steady stream of zipliners – we peak bagged over to the Belknap summit for a view of an old fire tower before hiking back. Happily, we had the keys in the pack, not locked in the car, so at least one lesson stuck.

And a word of warning to Mount Whiteface . . . next time, we will find you, and it’s on!


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