The Phantom of the Opera @ the Boston Opera House

wpphantomwpphantom1I was really excited when I saw a commercial advertising that my favorite musical, the Phantom of the Opera, was coming to the Boston Opera House. I immediately knew that I had to 1) get tickets and 2) somehow dupe my new husband into going with me. So I 1) bought the tickets and 2) came up with a plan where we’d go to the Italian district after the show for dinner to use a gift card we had from the wedding. As planned, the promise of a delicious Italian meal overshadowed the musical part of the plan and off we went.


wpphantom9To say that the Boston Opera House is a masterpiece of Baroque extravagance is an understatement. Between the frescoes, the crystal chandeliers and the ornate gold moldings, you’re not quite sure where to look next as you’re being swept along by the throng of people on the way to your seats.


The first time I saw the Phantom was at the New Globe Theatre in London. Musicals were not my thing, and being fifteen, I had little patience for anything beyond the realm of what I already knew I liked. But sitting in that audience, I was amazed as the scenes unfolded before me, astounded by the complexities of the sets, and a little aghast that I was enjoying the show so much. There’s not much to be said about this performance – as always the Phantom is a pleaser.


After the show we walked to the North End where we had a wonderful meal at a restaurant called Cantina Italiano. More importantly, we got some fantastic desserts at a place called Mike’s Pastries. This place had a crowd of people outside on our way to the restaurant, and a mob on the way back, so we had to check it out. We weren’t disappointed. Despite the usual closed stations and detour mishaps on the T, it was successful outing and a great day, surprisingly enjoyed by all.

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