Farewell Old Friend

002The time has come for me to retire my faithful old friend, the Goonies backpack. It’s so old that it carried my books across several campuses back when I was a student – both college and high school. It was strapped to my back the first time I tried to climb a mountain.
It helped me conquer the Mount Flume/Liberty loop, the most challenging hike I’ve experienced to date.
But there’s no denying that the time has come.
You really shouldn’t be able to read a newspaper through 007the thread-worn bottom of your pack. And I don’t think a corduroy Jansport backpack with a few modifications was ever really intended to be used for mountain climbing. Or for multiple decades.


It wasn’t an easy decision, but my trusty old buddy has been replaced by a three liter camelbak pack with padded shoulder straps, as well as waist and chest straps to help distribute the weight of the load. The sleek, narrow design is less of a hindrance when climbing, and the water tube leading from the bladder enables a drink without stopping for a break, which is a bonus, but I’ll miss hearing other hikers shout, “Goonies never say die!” in passing. It was almost like having a mascot with you on the hike. Now with my new big girl pack, it’s like I’ve grown up a little more. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll get a patch. Or a sticker 😉

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