Hiking Mount Hale

haleThis past  weekend we hiked Mount Hale. At 4055 feet, we got to cross another name off the White Mountain 4000 footer list. That’s about it. One of the quicker 4000 footer hikes, it was much like climbing a flight of stairs for almost 2 hours.

The summit was a ring a trees encircling a clearing with a stone cairn and the rusted remnants of an old fire tower. We covered the 4.6 miles hike in under 4 hours, including our lunch break at the top. Although the hike was boring and unremarkable, it was a necessary evil to achieve our goal. Like a band-aid, we removed it as quickly and painlessly as possible from our path to victory, leaving the way clear for future triumphs. Now off to better climbs!

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  1. What a great post. I was just hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire last weekend. Climbed Mount Flume and Mount Liberty. There is no better feeling then standing on the top of a mountain. I love the photographs. Your post brought back some great memories from the weekend, thank you for that.



    1. Thanks Erik! I did the Flume/Liberty loop three weekends ago. AMAZING views, especially the 360 on Liberty. Kind of hard to get excited about Hale when you’ve experienced hikes like that. I agree, there’s nothing like the feeling you get at the top 🙂

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      1. We went up the slide too – better up it than down it in my opinion. Didn’t have to do it in the rain though, but did do the Franconia Ridge Loop soaking wet in the rain, socked in with fog blocking out all but ten feet in any direction. Gotta love it!


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