Talking Tacos

wpt2There’s something about tacos – they’re fun, they’re tasty . . . they can also be trouble. As wonderful and delicious as they are, the filling can be full of greasy meat, saturated fat, and the amount of calories you’re supposed to eat over the course of a week. But don’t call the wha-mbulance just yet.


I tried something tricky the other day and got away with it. Better yet, I was in on it and still managed to fool myself. I used veggie protein crumbles instead of ground beef, and it tasted almost exactly the same – maybe even a little better.

wpt1The lack of beef fat was tastefully disguised by extra cheese and guacamole – both  of which I love. True, the addition of extra high fat and calorie toppings may defeat the purpose of replacing the meat with a vegetarian substitute, but this culinary experiment was geared more towards future reference than present benefit. The main purpose of the experiment was to see if my husband would notice. He said he did – but not until after I revealed the box, which was after his first taco had disappeared. Like Frankenstein’s monster, the experiment was a success!


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