Sunset at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse

acadia124On the quiet side of Mount Desert Island, in the midst of a picturesque little fishing town, you’ll find the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. Nestled atop a craggy cliff, overlooking the Atlantic ocean, waves crashing against the rocks of the Maine coast below, this little spot is an ideal place to watch the sun set.

acadia119For the adventuresome, trails snake through the woods to the north, leading to a series of branch-offs where you can find your own, private cliff to watch on. This is a highly recommended option over sharing the scene with the crowd vying for pictures by the lighthouse. And, as with most places we encountered in Maine, your four-legged family members are invited to enjoy the show as well.

acadia114Shades of rose, peach and indigo melded like watercolors as the sun lowered in the sky. A sudden flash of tangerine sparked as the glowing orb sank below the horizon. As the last rays disappeared from sight, darkness fell quickly, enveloping the little town of Bass Harbor in a starry blanket for the night.

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