If You Give a Girl a Hammer . . .

wp39If you give a girl a hammer, she’s going to want a wrench, too. And a drill, some screwdrivers, pliers, and whatever else she needs to reign terror on the household repairs that plague her. Bob Villa ain’t got nothing on me. (Except saws. I really need an electric saw. Then I really need to learn how to use it.) wp38

I’ve always been willing to roll my sleeves up and give repair work a try, with the exception of electrical and plumbing work. I stand by my need to hire an electrician. Fooling around with live wires when you don’t know what you’re doing is a recipe for disaster. But plumbing? What could go wrong there?

wp36So as I prepared to call the two professional’s whose expertise I required, I looked at my list. I needed to arrange a hot water heater to be installed, something I know some people DIY, but it’s heavy work and requires time spent in the basement, so it’s not really a new skill I feel the need to acquire. But no hot water in the upstairs shower? Hot water instead of cold in the washing machine? Those sounded like mysteries that I could safely investigate without adding too much to the cost or repair (I hoped). wp37

I began by removing the facet in the upstairs shower, which I was pleased to discover was an easy(ish) fix. The dial inside the facet was set wrong, AND the handle had been put on upside down. With one victory under my belt, I moved on to the washing machine. Everything has multiple tutorials online now. I Googled swapping out water lines, grabbed a bucket and some towels, and set to work.

wp35The hardest part was pulling out the built-in shelf around the unit and the washing machine itself. Swapping the hoses really couldn’t have been easier. Now my washing machine has cold water, my shower has hot, and I have over an hour’s worth of payment for labor still in my pocket, ready to buy the supplies for my next DIY project. Today plumbing, tomorrow a garage from the bottom up. (Ok, so maybe not a garage built from scratch tomorrow, but it will happen. Wait and see.)

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