The Right to Relax

wp42I find that I’m having an incredibly hard time allowing myself time to relax when there’s so much work to be done. I grab a book, curl up on the couch with the dogs, but it’s hard to concentrate on the words when your eyes keeping wandering. How can I read when there’s caulking that needs to be done? Tile that I want to regrout? And painting? So much painting, every square inch of the house because I’m picky and because I want to – because I finally can! Only I can’t, because it’s too cold to paint outside and too cold to open the windows for air ventilation to paint inside, but there’s so much painting that I’ve got to get started on it somehow, somewhere.

wp43Which left only one option. The worst one.

At some point in time, a porch had been built on to the house. It has the potential to be lovely, but it needs work. Mainly elbow grease. Which is the least fun form of work. But as the only area warm enough with ventilation to enable painting, I could hear the task calling (yodeling) my name.

wp44The issue is that the siding wasn’t cleaned before the porch was added, and now that it’s part of a glass enclosed porch, you can’t exactly use a hose to wash it off. The task was actually near the top of my list because I’m planning on sitting on that porch, with a book, as soon as it warms up a bit more. Only I couldn’t possibly enjoy a book with a dirty wall at my back. So I grabbed a stack of rags and my watering can and went to work. After scrubbing, sanding flaking paint, and scrubbing again, I finally found myself painting. Now that the painting is done (and the color has dried several shades lighter than it went on) I find that I’ve finally earned the right to relax. For at least the rest of the week. I hope.

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