The Old Made New

wp33It would be wonderful to move into a new house and buy all  new things. To hand pick each piece of furniture for the exact spot and purpose in your new abode. Maybe that’s the way it works for some people – but not this one.

wp32Maybe if my husband and I weren’t both such practical people, we could give it a try.  Live on the wildside. Spend unnecessary money despite having just bought a new house that needs work. Go into debt for decoration’s sake. Honestly, though, that seems kind of silly to me. There’s always a feasible solution if you try.
I knew buying the house meant making our current furniture make do. But after a half dozen moves and a lot of living most of it isn’t looking too great anymore. The solution? Chalk paint. Seriously.

wp31wp34Chalk paint covers just about everything, and made even my most hideous and abused furniture looked shabby chic, which, apparently, is in style. There’s plenty of DIY tutorials out there if you want instructions on how to give it a try. I looked at a few and spent a couple of hours giving it a go. Now my old furniture looks like the new furniture made to look old that’s in so many stores right now. Hmmm.


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