Black Cap Mountain


blackblack7May came to New Hampshire bringing a much awaited spring with it. After a rough, snowy winter, flowers and bird songs and days where you can venture outside without a thick winter jacket on seem like the things that dreams are made of. black10We were anxious to find something to climb. I was more anxious to wake my muscles gently from their long winter nap, as no amount of hiking flat black3terrain – even when it’s covered in waist deep snow – can prepare you for the change that occurs when you go from walking onward to walking upward.

black5I chose Black Cap Mountain for our first climb of the year. At only 2369 feet, Black Cap offers a huge payout in amazing views in exchange for minimal effort. The 2.2 mile

round trip hike can be accomplished in just
an hour or two. Sounds perfect, right? Only
when we got there, the road the trailhead was black12
black14off of was still closed for winter. Argh. But the trailhead was only 2.3
miles from the gate – what’s an extra 4.6 miles added to the trip, especially when it’s paved road and the actual hike is so easy? Yeah. black6Hurricane Mountain Road is a very steep stretch of asphalt.

black2After walking up the road, hiking up the mountain was easy. The day was beautiful  and the view was definitely worth it. We
had the mountain (almost) to ourselves with the exception of a mountain biker, an Ukranian couple, and a baby black bear we missed seeing. After such a harsh winter this climb was a perfect re-introduction to what I hope will be a season full of fantastic adventures.

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