Building Fences

fenceMost couples (I think) do something special for their anniversary. An evening out, a romantic getaway, something relaxing. For our anniversary, my husband and I built a fence.

fence1The fence was something that I really wanted, and had wanted
for a long time. The fence would free up so much time and alleviate so much frustration, because the fence would be used to create a yard where I could let the dogs out to play. Never again would I have to chase a naughty Jack Russell around the house until I managed to corner her and get her harness on several times a day. No longer would my elbow get wrenched, my shoulder get yanked out of its socket, or my neck be violently snapped while being fence6jerked around by a care bear schnauzer turned raging hellhound, the mere step over the threshold triggering a Jekyll-Hyde change. I would be free!!!!!!

Neither of us had ever put up a fence before, and it seemed a bit daunting. So much so, in fact, that we actually got quotes to see how much it would cost to pay someone else to do it. When the labor estimates came back at over three times the cost of materials, it really should of told us something (like how much fun erecting a fence really is). fence5

Let me start by saying that they don’t call New Hampshire the granite state for nothing. Every time one of us drove the post hole digger into the ground for our next 4×4 – clink. Every. Single. Time. Sometimes it was small rocks that we could dig up. Sometimes we dug up big rocks. And sometimes, after revealing enough of our underground foe to discover that is was a boulder way too big to remove, we were forced to get creative. So maybe a few fence panels don’t have posts at the very end. Maybe we had to buy a few extra 4x4s to support the fence wherever we could get them into the ground. At the end of the day, (actually, two), we got the job done. It took us a third day to get the fence stained.

fence2Now the dogs have a great yard to run free and play in and I have the luxury of reading while they get their fresh air and sunshine (they still have to be supervised). It was a fantastic anniversary present, and best of all, we spent quality time working together to achieve our end goal. Next year, I’m thinking we’ll build a garage.


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