Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn ~ Fiction Review

book5Gone Girl. The books that launched a thousand articles that began with, “If you loved Gone Girl. then . . .” And now, I know why.

I did love it, as in, ‘I must immediately read every book this author has ever written‘ kind of love it, which I haven’t felt since I was introduced to Tana French. That was actually only earlier this year, but it seems like forever ago because I have now read all of French’s books and am stuck waiting for the next one to be published. Imagine my relief to have found another author that I enjoy so much. And to think, it almost didn’t happen.

I rarely ever see the movie before I read the book. Like never. But I watched the movie for this book several months ago. Even more rare – I really liked it. Enjoyed it enough where I thought, ‘If the movie is as close to the book as everyone says, then I’ll really like the book. Maybe I should read it. Even if I already knows what happens.’ This is not a conversation I often have with myself. Part of the joy of reading is surprise. Sometimes it’s guessing what’s supposed to be the surprise. Sometimes, the shampoo bottle says, ‘wash and lather,’ but it doesn’t say, ‘repeat.’ Shocking, I know.

So, what makes me really, REALLY know I love a book? The biggest compliment that I can give an author (in my occasionally humble opinion)? It’s, as a writer, being jealous that I didn’t write it first. Would I be proud to have written a tricky little plot twist like this? Yes. Which leads me to the second biggest compliment that I can give an author. Your book inspires me to keep writing, keep getting better, and to keep thinking of the most twisted, unexpected plots that I can. Thank you, Gillian Flynn.

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