Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn ~ Fiction Review

book7Sharp Objects, the first novel written by famed Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn ~ it took me a while to get into this book. I didn’t really identify with any of the characters (which, after reading the book I’ve decided is probably a good thing). I actually didn’t even like any of the characters. What I did like was the depth Flynn created in her psychologically flawed characters.

In a way, the book seemed like a collection of character studies of mental illness. Was it Gone Girl? No. Did I enjoy reading it? Yes. Would you like it? If you’re looking for a dark, edgy book,  you just might.

I love reading debut novels, which this was. I also love being able to see an author’s talent and storytelling skills develop. Gone Girl didn’t just happen. Reading Flynn’s prior works, the bones and muscles and ligaments that underlie the flesh of Gone Girl, reveal a lot about her method and progression as a writer. As a writer myself, I find it fascinating and would definitely recommend this book.

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