Relic II: Resurrection by Jonathan Brookes ~ Fiction Review

book17I’ve said it before and  I’ll say it again – I’m a HUGE fan of books that mix fiction with plausible science. And as an Anthropologist (Go Gators!) who spent more than her fair share of time in the paleo trenches, I’m also a sucker for books about Neanderthals. With the continuing influx of new discoveries about this breed, who can resists such a hot topic? I can’t 🙂

Relic II: Resurrection is the second novella in the Relic series by author Jonathan Brooks. While the first installment centers around the attempt to clone the extinct hominid species for military purposes, this book follows the project to fruition – a Neanderthal baby is born – and relays the race to claim rights to the child. It’s a great combination of action and science guaranteed to keep you turning the pages!

Click here to buy your copy today!

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