Living Large with Life Sized Chocolate

lenny1While this winter has been mild, it’s also been long and uneventful. I haven’t gotten to do much hiking, and the needle on the adventure scale has been buried at zero. So when my birthday came around, I seized the opportunity to plan a Sunday Funday.

Birthday adventure pickings have been slim for me in New England, what with so many fun things being closed until summer. But I was bound and determined to find something I’d never done before. I narrowed my focus to a day trip to the coast of Maine. I wanted to stop by all the gorgeous little towns sprinkled along the Atlantic, but I didn’t want to spend the entire day in the car, AND again, not much is open right now, so I further narrowed my focus to the Portland area, where I was sure I could cap off the adventure with a delicious dinner. lenny5

That’s when I stumbled upon Len Libby Chocolatier in Scarborough, Maine. I love chocolate. One of the good things about New England is that specialty chocolate stores are not in short supply, which ALMOST makes up for everything still being on winter lock-down in March. But this chocolatier has something the rest don’t.



Yeah, that’s right. I kid you not. And while maybe that’s not your thing, maybe you could go your entire life without seeing a 1700 pound chocolate moose, once I knew he existed, I had to pay ‘Lenny’ a visit. So I did. And now I’m spoiled. Now I want all my chocolate life sized, and I want all my friends to smell that good! 😉


Len Libby Chocolatier is just a short drive from the Portland, Maine area. And yes, their chocolate is fantastic!

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    1. Thanks Linda! I LOVE New Hampshire! It’s gorgeous, the people are great, there’s seasons, and it’s a short drive to Maine (where I am, anyway). In what area did you grow up?


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