Disclaimer by Renee Knight ~ Fiction Book Review

wpb17I got off to a bit of a slow start with this book. It had an interesting premise, and I was anticipating a good payoff, so I pushed through. All in all I was not too disappointed.

What if someone delivered a book to you, and it was about you and your life? The deepest, darkest secret you’ve kept hidden from the people you love on paper for all to read? That’s the question the author poses in this book. It’s a fresh idea.

The book bounces around quite a bit, between characters and the past/present. It wasn’t too disconcerting, but was occasionally a bumpy transition. I didn’t like any of the characters – I’m not sure I was supposed to. But I did like the story. At times it was as much a study in marriage and relationships as it was a thriller,which added depth and became almost a subplot – how your spouse’s reactions can alter and affect the course of your life. It was a tad predictable, and I would have preferred a more shocking ending, but all in all I enjoyed it. 4 stars.

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