All the Best People by Sonja Yoerg ~ Fiction Book Review

30687885This book is one of those rare literary gems that has a bit of everything. Gorgeously written, All the Best People unabashedly explores the messiness of real life. Told through the voices of three generations of women, and spanning history from the twenties to the seventies, the pages of this book are filled with, “madness, magic and misfortune” in the great state of Vermont. How could you ask for anything more?

Author Sonja Yoerg artfully delves into the dangerous territory of mental illness, including its treatment, its effect on families, and its stigma, in a novel taught with suspense, pain and longing. The voices of the characters were masterfully crafted, the emotion keenly real, and the story kept me on tenterhooks. I couldn’t put this book down, as in, my fingers feel blistered I was turning the pages so fast! 5 stars!

So the good news is . . . I’ve got an incredible book to recommend to you. Now, the bad news . . . I read an advanced copy, so it won’t be available to you until its release in May, 2017. (Sorry, not sorry). But . . . and maybe this will soften the blow . . . the author, Sonja Yoerg, has written two other great books, House Broken and The Middle of Somewhere, which you can get your hands on now!

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