Evil Games by Angela Marsons ~ Fiction Book Review

25067570I enjoyed Silent Screams, the first book in the D.I. Kim Stone series by Angela Marsons quite a bit, but not enough to make me a die hard fan waiting for the next in the series. Then, I kept seeing a book (Goodreads, WordPress, Amazon) with a plot that sounded like an awesome must read story, which just so happened to be the third in this series. I didn’t see the sense in skipping a book, and I found a copy of this one (but not the third 😦 ), so I gave it a try.

Marsons is a talented author with one foot planted deep in the dark side of life. She’s not Mo Hayder dark, but she doesn’t write cozies, either. This installment of the series further develops the character of D.I. Kim Stone, making her more realistic and likable. It also delves deeper into the darkness and shadowy criminal psyche that Marsons seems to understand so well. Can’t wait to find book 3 in this that is quickly becoming addictive! 5 stars.


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