Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult ~ Fiction Book Review

111180There’s no doubt that Jodi Picoult is a gifted writer and wonderful story teller. She has the ability to leave the reader breathless with awe and emotion, tale spinning into despair from an unforeseen plot twist. This book – well, it’s not that it doesn’t have the unforeseen plot twist, it’s just that it’s rather predictable.

The book was good, it kept my attention, but I had several eye rolling, “Yeah, right,” moments. Jodi Picoult, you’re better than that. When I read your books, I want to be shred into a little pile of kleenex bits and then scattered in every direction.

I want to feel the strength of your typing hand as it reaches inside my chest, grips my heart in a cruel fist, and wrenches it from my body. I want to feel . . . something. This book did not any much emotion in me. It left me feeling meh. No tears, but not a complete waste of time. 4 stars.

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