Before the Fall by Noah Hawley ~ Fiction Book Review

27868408This is bound to be another one of those books that gets a ton of hype from people who either love it or hate it, which leaves me kind of surprised that my feelings are somewhere in the middle.

I couldn’t put this book down, but there were certain ‘issues’ that kept me from loving it. I usually LOVE disaster books. What I don’t love are endless paragraphs without breaks.

I understand the need for exposition, but, as an author, if you aren’t going to break the backstory dump up with some dialogue or action, then for goodness sake break it up into shorter paragraphs.

I choose the book I read next by what I’m in the mood for. In this case, I was in the mood for a juicy summer read. Which means my attention span needs something light and refreshing. There were multiple paragraphs I had to reread because my attention wandered somewhere during the page long paragraph. At times, reading the story felt like hard work, even though I enjoyed what I was reading. That’s my only major complaint, and the reason why, for me, this book doesn’t rate higher. 4 stars.

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