Playing Dead by Julia Heaberlin ~ Fiction Book Review

13147826This was the first book I’ve read in a while where I really liked the character’s voice. I enjoyed the time I spent with Tommie, and while some readers may think that some of her actions are out of character for an educated, intelligent woman, the fact of the matter is, sometimes smart women do dumb things. Especially where emotion is involved. And trauma. And downright independent stubbornness.

So when narrator Tommie did dumb things, it made me like her even more. I kind of feel like an old time town crier, walking down the street, ringing a bell and shouting, “Authors, authors, bring me your damaged characters and your twisty mysteries.” Now you think I’m strange (if you didn’t already). Oh well.

This book was fast paced and suspenseful, and while I absolutely hate reviews that give anything away, I will say this – some things are not as they appear – but some things are. Good luck guessing which is which! All around a fun book that I had a hard time putting down. 5 stars!

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