Double Cross by Jeffery Deaver ~ Short Fiction Review

Double Cross (Kindle Single) by [Deaver, Jeffery]I saw this offered free on Kindle and thought to myself, “Hmm. The author who wrote The Bone Collector. The Lincoln Rhyme series. This can’t be bad.”

I feel like I stand corrected.

Maybe that’s too harsh. Or maybe not. The bottom line is I didn’t like it. I felt that the style was poor. I get the whole ‘writing in the voice of the character’ thing, but in this instance, in my opinion, it fell flat. The plot left me gasping for air – not because it was so suspenseful, but because it was stale. And the ending???? I thought that they made it clear that the ploy used in this ending was against the law in creative writing 101.

Short stories are hard. I get it. But reading them shouldn’t be. I was really disappointed by this one. At least it was free. 3 stars.

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