The Wayward Pines Trilogy by Blake Crouch ~ Fiction Book Reviews

Wayward Pines (3 Book Series) by  Blake CrouchI’m not big on sci-fi, but after watching the TV series, it left me wondering about the book. I had read, and enjoyed, Dark Matter, also by this author, so I knew I liked his writing style and that he told a good tale. Then I got a cheap Kindle offer for the series.  And, finally (can it really be almost 2 years later???), I got around to the actual reading part.

After putting it off for so long, one word comes to mind. Why???? I loved this series! I’m not sure if it was more enjoyable because I had watched the miniseries or not, but, thanks to some extra time over Thanksgiving, I read the second and third book in less than 24 hours. I’m kind of sad now that it’s over.

Even if you aren’t a huge sci-fi fan, there’s enough mystery, suspense and action in this series to keep you reading. I didn’t want to put the books down until I found out what happened. The stakes were high and it all happened so fast! 5 stars!

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