Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury ~ Nonfiction #BookReview

35063826My reading didn’t go as expected last year. I thought a Goodreads goal of 70 books for 2017 would be a cake walk considering I read 100 in 2016. Yet, come the end of December, I found myself picking only my 52 book of the year. And if my reading when awry, then my writing was a catastrophe and tragedy rolled into one horrible, absolutely blank page.

No need to get into specifics, but 2017 wasn’t my year for anything. 2018 wouldn’t have to amount to much to be better, but I want it to be super excellent to make up from badly lost time. I chose this book to inspire me to pick that blank page off the floor, brush it off, and fill it with all the words that have been dying to get out for the last year.

As far as writing goes, Ray Bradbury certainly has enough experience and inspiration to go around. His essay style is as engaging as his works of fiction. His advice as legendary as the man who typed it. His prose as well crafted as anything an Amish carpenter creates. This writer feels ready to aspire to greatness. This book is quick and easy to read. What do you have to lose? 5 stars!

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