In a Cottage in a Wood by Cass Green ~ #Mystery #BookReview

35229319When I began this book, I felt like a peeper. It was TMI (too much information) too soon. Personal information. I didn’t know this character yet. It felt like a boundary was being crossed. It’s strange to admit, but I felt a little uncomfortable. I didn’t like this brazen girl – but I don’t think I was supposed to – this was the author’s intention.

This book had an interesting premise. It had some interesting twists. But I found the main character un-engaging and the execution lacking that little something special that turns a good story into a fantastic, you can’t rip it from my grip until I’ve finished it, book.

What the author does do is reveal a reasonable explanation for the strange series of events, which is more than I’ve come to expect in most books. I enjoyed the story, but felt that it didn’t quite reach it’s potential. With some tweaking and rewriting, it could have been better. 4 stars.

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