Thursday’s Thoughts on Writing ~ The Long and the Short of It

Image result for short story writer memeI consider myself a novelist. My goal is to write (and publish) full length books. Yet, at the same time, I enjoy writing short stories from time to time. I think they’re great practice. Shorter pieces force you to create and develop a full plot over the course of a short timeline, which is great for learning to make every word count, as well as for perfecting pacing. As an added bonus, there are endless markets for short fiction, making it much easier to get published than full length novels.


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However, I’ve spoken with several other writers who think that you have to choose one form or the other and stick with it. They’re of the opinion that writing both long and short fiction will ‘sully the waters’. That in order to develop and perfect your craft, you need to have a narrow focus.


Image result for long story short memeMany well known, prolific writers pen both. Others started their careers writing one form, then changed to the other. At the end of the day, I’m going to do what I want and what feels right for me, but I admit, sometimes I wonder. When I’m working on a short story while I have an almost finished novel and endless edits waiting, I can’t help but fear that maybe the purists are right. Maybe I’m spreading myself too thin, or wasting time on one endeavor when I should be focused on the other.

So, I thought I’d see what you guys thought. Any strong opinions on the matter, or is it just one more needless thing to worry about? Who writes both and who focuses on only one form?




12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts on Writing ~ The Long and the Short of It

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  1. I write long and short, both fiction, and nonfiction, also write for different age groups. I call myself an eclectic writer. I also did a government pamphlet two years ago. I like it all.

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  2. I write both too. I’m currently working on two short stories, one novel, and a few poems. Focusing on one thing would be too restrictive for me. It’s good to have some variety. Plus, short stories are my favourite format, but I’ve always wanted to publish a novel – so I guess it would have to be both!

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    1. It’s good to know I’m not the only one! Sometimes I feel like I’m being ridiculous, starting yet another piece when I have so much in the works, but I find I often figure out whatever issue it is that’s kept me from finishing a piece that’s been in limbo through starting something new.

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  3. Maybe it is the Gemini in me, but any time I hear somebody say you need to pick a form, a genre, a writing style, etc I have to roll my eyes. Writing is all about being creative, and for me at least, and maybe this sounds arrogant (I would say c*cky but apparently it was TM :p) but to pick one is limiting my talent and creativity. I also think that being able to write both, and switch back and forth (much like writing different genres) helps with writers block and keeping me from being stagnate. ❤

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