Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell ~ #Mystery #BookReview

35389818I picked this up because the premise of the book sounded interesting. Happily, I wasn’t disappointed – I couldn’t put it down. The author wrote it in a way that allowed the reader endless theories, and I had to find out which suppositions I had were right, and which were wrong. Happily, (again), I couldn’t be certain until the end.

This is huge for me as both a reader and a writer – if I’m certain I know how the book is going to end (and let’s face it, there are a LOT of books that are a bit too obvious out there) – what’s to keep me (or a future reader of mine) reading?

I love being kept off guard and being blindsided (when reading). I absolutely ADORE when an author sneaks in something I hadn’t even considered, but, as long as I can’t predict everything that happens from page 1 to The End, I’ll generally keep reading. (I almost never put a book down unfinished, and when I do, it haunts me until I pick it back up, because who knows – maybe there’s a good surprise in there somewhere.)

Good character development, a nice, fluid writing style, and plenty of mystery and suspense – my kind of book! I wouldn’t hesitate to read this author again. 5 stars!

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