True Grit ~ Tuesday’s Words of #Writing Inspiration

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  1. Shannon
    I know exactly what you are anticipating. Introvert, academic to the nth degree, shy-my god, was I shy! I slowly learned there are many, many people at conferences who suffer from the same reaction. I learned to try to put the person next to me at ease, starting a gentle conversation relating to meeting at hand. You will find out the vast majority will appreciate your breaking the ice. Focus on the person you are talking too. The few that are stand-offish, smile, turn away and forget about them as you focus on the potential riches that might be found in the next person. Remember the best conversationalist is not focused on herself, hence she relaxes as the other party to the conversation relaxes as well appreciating your starting the interaction. No magic phrases, no stored information just friendly human connecting.

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  2. Thanks, Erika! I appreciate you taking the time to offer such thoughtful advice! ❤ I'm going to do my best to do the most with it. 🙂 I wouldn't be so nervous, but a lot of the people who attend this event do so yearly, so many of the attendees know each other already. I feel like this kind of creates a harder dynamic to break into, but I'm probably just wasting too much time worrying about it because I'm rusty from living so far up north!


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