Poll: Which “Teaser Word” Makes You Want To Read A Book More?

For this week’s poll, I want to know about you as a reader. Specifically, when you read a blurb about a book, what “teaser word” is hardest to resist? If you respond most to a word not included in the poll, feel free to add it in the comments section below!


The results from the last poll are as follows:

Which Picture Creates the Best Sense of Atmosphere?
Empty and abandoned church nave. 37.5%    
Trail through the dark woods. 25%    
Abandoned amusement park. 25%    

Derelict house in the woods. 12.5%   

3 thoughts on “Poll: Which “Teaser Word” Makes You Want To Read A Book More?

Add yours

    1. I agree completely! However, when I’m looking for a new (not mainstream, already famous) author to read, something about their blurb has to catch my attention and reel me in to get me to give them an (un-recommended) try. I’ve noticed that there are certain words that I’m a sucker for . . . it doesn’t always work out, but I’ve found some great books this way. A great title or catchy cover can also get me to give an unheard of book a chance!


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