Poll: How Do You Choose Which Book To Read Next?

For this week’s poll, I’d like to know how you choose which book to read next.


The last poll asked which book cover grabs your interest the most. I have a confession – all the options were books that I chose to read because the cover grabbed my attention. What’s interesting, though, is that all the votes from you readers were split between only two covers. I love seeing the results from these polls, and hope you enjoy them too!

The results of the last poll:

Which Book Cover Grabs Your Interest The Most?
One of Us Is Lying 50%  
Black-Eyed Susans 50%  
The Things You Find In Rockpools 0%  
The Kind Worth Killing 0%  
This Is Where It Ends 0%  
I’m Thinking Of Ending Things 0%  

6 thoughts on “Poll: How Do You Choose Which Book To Read Next?

Add yours

  1. I kind of need an “All of the Above” button for that poll….It really depends upon the day, what I’ve just finished reading, what mood I’m in. I have a stack of “To be read” books I try to get to first. But if I’m in the store, I look at covers, synopsis, friend suggestions, Goodreads suggestions, Amazon suggestions, and authors I’ve read previously.

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    1. I use a combination of the above methods, too, but found that there are some options I lean towards over others, kind of like a hierarchy in the way I choose. If the cover or title doesn’t peak my interest, then I probably won’t read the blurb or check the reviews.

      I’ve also discovered some excellent ‘new to me’ authors by looking at the ‘daily deals’ and suggestion emails and checking out the blurbs for the ones with covers that grab my attention (at least 4 of the 6 books from the previous poll about book covers were found this way).

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      1. In the physical book stores, it’s mostly about the cover and title. I do check out the new releases and suggestions/favorites from the employees. And I love when an author I enjoy suggests another author. I started listening to the podcast “What Should I Read Next” and it’s definitely added to my list! Happy reading!

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