Monday (Book) Madness

This week I read:

I almost didn’t make it through this one. If it hadn’t been short stories, and if I hadn’t held out hope that one of them would be a gem, this would have been one of my rate DNFs. Some of the stories had potential, but I found them overwhelmed with unnecessary details and I was underwhelmed by the endings. I found myself frequently wondering WTF. I hate being negative about a book, so I will say this one made me think.
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Does Tiffany D. Jackson write anything that isn’t a brutal, addictive onslaught to the emotions? Her books are SO good, but they make me feel so bad. Couldn’t put this down but glad it’s over.

And I finished my first audiobook:

My first audiobook . . . which has me wondering if I’m cut out for audiobooks or not. I enjoyed the story, the narrator was great, but I feel like I missed out by not reading it. A good mystery, but if I had read it, I suspect I would have liked it even more.

I just started:

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  1. Love seeing what you are reading and I agree with you about audio books! Now that I am in a car more, I have been trying to get into them (I miss multi-tasking on my commute!) but I just can’t. I like “turning” a page even if it is on an e-reader and definitely can follow the story better reading as opposed to listening. Hope you have an amazing Monday! ❤

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