Monday #Book Madness

This week I read:

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I’ve read a book by this author before, so I started this one expecting some campy fun and eerie horror – which is exactly what I got! It’s hard to go wrong with a quick, easy read that holds your attention without requiring too much concentration. I’d suggest this for fans of #YA creeps and chills. Not recommended if you’re looking for literature.
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I wasn’t sure about this one at first – sometimes the first few pages don’t feel right, especially if the writing is a different style than the book I’ve just finished, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. This author did a great job of misdirection and peppering red herrings throughout the pages, making for some nice twists. I’d suggest this for fans of mysteries. Not recommended for readers who get hung up on imperfect reading – this one could had a few typos and could use a final edit.

I just started:


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