Authors Killing It On Social Media: Instagram

Let’s face it – some writer are more social than others. For some, it comes easy. For others . . . not so much. For those of us writers who need a little direction, or those of us readers who enjoying seeing their favorite authors in their element, I thought I’d share some of the profiles I’ve discovered of authors who I think are killing it.

This week I’m focusing on my favorites on Instagram. The names are hyperlinked to their accounts.

Diana Urban – After just a quick glimpse of this author’s Instagram feed, it’ll come as no surprise that she’s a marketing manager for BookBub – this writer knows how to promote! Her suspenseful debut came out last month.

Pros – This book cover is everywhere!

Cons – After seeing this book cover everywhere, expectations are exceedingly high.

Karen McManus – McManus’s feed includes book covers, fan art, event photos, teasers for books in production and currently being written . . . it’s a smorgasbord of delight for fans!

Pros – Her feed is interesting to follow and full of perks.

Cons – Sometimes the teaser seem a bit cruel when you really, really want to get your hands on the book and can’t!

Gretchen McNeil – This seasoned author balances promotion for her books, the TV series & movies developed from them, and her life as a mom and author.

Pros – You get a feel for her sense of humor and personality, which makes you like and want to support her that much more!

Cons – Sometimes the pictures of her adorable toddler steal the show!

Riley Sager – Sager’s feed includes a bit of everything, from promos for his books, shots of books he’s reading, food pictures, movie night, candid pics, décor and more.

Pros – His feed is varied and interesting to follow.

Cons – When scrolling through your feed, you don’t always know his posts are his without checking the name, which could be considered a lost branding opportunity.

I like Instagram because it’s mainly just pictures – which I love taking! I don’t have any book covers (yet) so my feed is filled with nature shots taken while hiking. If you want to check it out, you can find it here.

Are you on Instagram? If so, what do you post, and what do you most enjoy seeing in your feed? I love great outdoor photographs and artsy pics of books!


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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t followed you yet! (I just did!) Instagram just might be my favorite social, and I love looking at authors and how they use it to market. My page is very eclectic I am a Gemini. Lol. ❤

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