Monday (Mini Book Review) Madness

This week I read:

This one was a quick paced, easy read with plenty of suspense and tension. It wasn’t completely predictable – it did keep me guessing – but there were only a couple of ways the author could go with the storyline and I felt a little disappointed by the ending. That said, I did enjoy it. Recommended for those looking for easy eeriness. Not recommended for those looking for something deep and profound. 
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My thoughts while reading this book. “Eh.” “Meh.” “Oh.” “Hmm.” “Ooh, where’s she going with this?” “Okay, now it’s getting creepy.” “WTF is going on here?” “Is it or isn’t it?” “Must. Know. Now.” “Whah, whah.” There was a stretch where I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, so I’d probably give this author another try. Recommended if you’re looking for a “Sun Down Motel” vibe. Not recommended if you aren’t willing to stick it out a bit to get there. 

I just started:

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  1. Ooo these sound like some great “beach” reads…Which real translates to sitting in my parents driveway playing my sound machine app, getting some Vitamin D, and pretending I am at the ocean :p Thank for sharing sweets! ❤

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