Authors Killing It On Social Media: Facebook Edition

I’ll admit that Facebook is the social media platform where I’m least active. It used to be a great way to interact with readers, but now . . . not so much. True, it’s not a huge amount of work to post – you can even use content you post on other platforms – but to have it shown to only 2-3% of your followers and then have Facebook keep sending notifications asking if you want to pay to boost the post? Um, no. That game is not for me.

However, there are some authors who still (kinda) kill it on Facebook. So, for those of us writers who need a little direction, or those of us readers who enjoying seeing their favorite authors in their element, I thought I’d share some of the profiles I’ve discovered of authors who I think are killing it. (The names are hyperlinked to their accounts.)

(If Facebook isn’t your thing, either, check out my posts about authors who kill it on Instagram and Twitter.)

Sonja Yoerg: Sonja, who’s latest release is one of Amazon’s First Reads for April, posts actively on Facebook. She supports her fellow authors just as much if not more than she promotes herself – I’ve discovered several new authors because of her posts!

Tiffany Jackson: Tiffany engages and interacts with her fans, creating an environment that encourages her readers to have with her. Cover challenge anyone?

John Greene: Greene used to be the king of Facebook. Seriously, he owned. it. all. Sadly, I don’t think he’s posted anything in over a year, but if you want to see an author who killed it, check out his page.

Tall Poppy Writers: Spearheaded by author Ann Garvin, the Tall Poppy Writers are a group of women authors who support each other. Posts include book sales, book launches, book articles, and sometimes just plain silliness and fun. It’s worth checking out, as well as their spinoff page, Bloom, where you get to ‘meet’ the authors and get to know them better.

I mainly post memes I find amusing and articles I think are worth sharing. If you’re interested, you can find my page here.

What do you post, and what do you enjoy seeing the most in your feed? If you follow an author who you think is killing it, I want to know!!!


4 thoughts on “Authors Killing It On Social Media: Facebook Edition

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  1. YASSSS to that whole flipping first paragraph! I feel the same exact way about Facebook. And I am so guilty of just posting to Instagram or Twitter (or my blog) which then posts to FB, and then people think I am on it, when I am not. I don’t even have the app on my phone anymore!
    And oh my gosh I use to follow John Greene religiously on FB, which now feels like eons ago and probably is! Thanks for sharing this sweets! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I disconnected my blog from Facebook for that very reason. And Greene is tentatively coming back on Instagram (to plug a book his wife wrote, I think).


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