Authors Killing It On Social Media: Newsletter Edition

Are newsletters a form a social media? Um . . . maybe, maybe not, but it’s another way that authors reach out to their readers and create a fan base, so I’m covering it.

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And I have to admit, this post was hard. While I’m signed up to receive newsletters from a bevy of authors, not many strike a good balance. Any author who just sends out a weekly/monthly buy my book usually gets an unsubscribe from me. You have to offer something in exchange for my email address – entertainment, freebies, book recommendations that appeal to me – I’m not that hard to please, but the author has to work to establish a relationship, not just contact me when they want my money.

I’ve listed a handful of authors who I think are killing the newsletter thing – as much as the newsletter thing can be killed. The names are hyperlinked to the website where you can sign up for their newsletters if you’re interested.

Hank Phillippi Ryan: Hank just kind of kills it period. A big, energetic personality in a tiny package, she oozes with charisma and charm. When I think of author newsletters, her name is the first that comes to mind. Plenty of authors offer free short stories and the like when you sign up for their newsletter, but Hank gave ALL her current subscribers an advance copy of her latest book, The Murder List, when it was released. If that wasn’t enough, her newsletters are engaging and entertaining, a shining example of how to do it right!

Mindy McGinnis: Mindy has two newsletter you can sign up for from her website – her author newsletter, where you get rewarded with a free short story for joining, and a newsletter for writers based on her blog Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire, which contains a weekly digest  full of great info. She even helps aspiring writers by giving a weekly query critique.

Ruth Ware: Ware’s newsletters include a monthly chance to win a book, advanced notice of her live Facebook chats, and members-only info. Her last newsletter revealed the title for her newest, not yet released book, as well as a teaser. Another author where you get rewarded with a free short story for joining.

Anne Garvin: Garvin sends out regular newsletters. She usually includes a funny story or anecdote, book recommendations, book sales, book news , updates on the Tall Poppy Writers – she supports her fellow writers more than she advertises herself. She emails regularly, with creative content to keep her name on your mind – that way, when you receive a newsletter from her, you’re not like, “Um. Who’s this again?”

Do you subscribe to any author newsletters? If so, what do you think works? What doesn’t? What insanely annoying thing makes you hit the unsubscribe button?

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  1. Hi, newsletters are the next level to propogate your blog in terms of eye balls and I appreciate your effort though I still don’t want to sign up for one unless it is second to none. Wishful thinking? Nevertheless, keep at it. Thanks for sharing

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