Authors Killing It On Social Media: Pinterest Edition

I am a Pinning machine. See it, like it, pin it. It’s a compulsion. I have boards for everything from Fantastic Animals to Writing Nooks, Bookcases To Dream About to Recipes, Writing Tips to Eerie Atmospheres And Settings, and even an inspiration board for each of my books (set on private until they’re published).

Turns out, there are a number of ways authors can engage readers through Pinterest, and the best part – besides that there are innumerable ways to get as creative as you want – is that once you have some pins on your boards, it’s maintenance free (until you get the urge to pin some more).

So, for those of us writers who need a little direction, or those of us readers who enjoying seeing their favorite authors in their element, I thought I’d share some of the profiles I’ve discovered of authors who I think are killing it. (The names are hyperlinked to their accounts.)

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Jennifer Niven: Jennifer wins the award for author Pinterest creativity in my book! She has boards for her characters’ playlists, their bookshelves, fan art, dream cast, and so much more.

Sarah J. Maas: Maas has a board for each of her books which are compiled of both fanart and pins that inspired her characters and themes and her (wow – almost 73K followers) love it!

Tom Ryan: Tom (the YA author, not the author of Atticus fame) takes a more personal approach, with boards varying from “I’d Read That” to “I’d Wear That” to “I’d Eat That” to vintage YA book covers, which I think is an incredibly fun idea for a board!

Frances Caballo: I may be cheating here by including Caballo, but she has written books – non-fiction books geared toward marketing for authors. Some of her boards are about marketing material, but many are not; they’re about books and authors and anything that grabs her interest. The point is, 94.2K views every month don’t lie – she knows what she’s doing.

If there’s an author who you think is killing it on Pinterest, I want to know about it! As a reader, what kind of boards/pins by your favorite authors are you interested in?

To see what my busy, busy pin finger’s been up to, click here.


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  1. I have such a love hate relationship with Pinterest! I actually took a writing class in college a couple years ago where they discussed how Pinterest can help map out your stories and bring to life characters etc. I have tried to use Pinterest, for stores and eve marketing, but I always fall off the Pinterest bandwagon. I do love seeing how author’s utilize the boards for their novels though.

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