Monday (Mini #BookReview) Madness

This week I read:

I was surprised when I looked at the reviews for this one to discover that many readers liked it more than the first – it’s not often that a sequel exceeds the original, but after finishing the book I have to admit that this story was on fire! Not quite as good as the first, but pretty close! High stakes, high tension, and high action will leave you breathless! In this one, November leaves the Academy and takes us on an adrenaline ride across oceans, beneath cities, and inside the darkest corners of a Secret Society in an attempt to save her father.

I was really excited to receive this ARC of a YA horror book by the author of “Bird Box” and “Malorie”. The premise sounded incredibly creepy (I mean, a house at the bottom of a lake!) and while the book delivered all the spooks and chills, I’d have to say it falls more into the speculative category than horror, and I was a little underwhelmed. While a good, quick read, I wanted more – more depth from the YA characters, more horror in the plot, and more like I was a part of the story – the narrative didn’t draw me in and make me feel as vested as I would have liked.

I just started:

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