Monday (Mini #BookReview) Madness

This week I read:

This book was awesome! It was fast paced, suspenseful, and had a couple of nice surprises in store for the reader. The main character is in her senior year of high school – and the witness protection program. She just wants to keep her head down, blend in, and make it through the last 6 weeks of school so she can attend college and leave the program forever. But as long forgotten memories start to resurface, other demons from her past come back as well. A perfect thriller for your summer reading list!

Four college friends go to a remote Alaskan island to spend the summer working on their art – but they aren’t the only ones who show up! This was a gripping, fast paced story that kept me turning the pages. Plenty of suspense, but with a few minor plot hiccups that I would have missed entirely had I not been so intent on solving the mystery! The writing was a little rough in places, and it wasn’t completely unpredictable, but it was enjoyable, easy reading.

I just started:

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