Sunday’s Scenes From The Trail

If you enjoyed this week’s photos, check back next Sunday for more Scenes From The Trail.

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Scenes From The Trail

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  1. Nice photographs, Shannon. Suggestion-How about getting a zoom lens that also allows you to take really closeup pictures. Focus closely on what you see in an individual subject like a teeny or big flower or plant leaves, a bug or ripples in the water giving a closer look at what is in that area. Something in the future? I belong to a group that uses closeups in a marshy area for stimulating discussion. Closeup and distant pictures are mingled to invite the viewer into understanding the complexity of what really is there. A woke experience of its own.

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    1. Thanks, Erika. These were all taken with my cell phone. I just got a ‘real’ camera for my birthday last month, but unfortunately the zoom lens is on back order. I show a broader array of photos on my Instagram @thiswritersays including macro and close-ups, but these are all ‘scenes from the trail’s so largely landscapes.


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