Monday (Mini #BookReview) Madness

This week I read:

A couple leaves their baby home alone while they’re at a dinner party next door, and even though they check on her every half hour, she’s missing when they return. All the characters are hard to like, but they’re all possibly the culprit. This book was twisty and suspenseful, but some of it was hard to swallow, and while I appreciate a book where nothing is as it seems and everyone’s a suspect, this one might have taken it a touch too far for me. Still, a good, entertaining read.

The mean girl frienemies trope taken to an entirely different level! This thriller bounces back and forth between a 10 year college reunion and the characters’ freshman year, where they’re struggling to make the adjustment to their new lives – and each other. Backstabbing, lies and drama ensue until the unthinkable happens. Now someone wants revenge for what happened all those years ago, and the stakes are higher than ever – because the truth may not come out, but the claws will!

I just started:

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