Joyful in July


July isn’t over yet, but I’ve stumbled onto so many different wildflowers already this months that it’s time to share.

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It never fails to amaze me how many different types of flowers grow wild, in the places you’d least expect to find them, if you just take the time to look.

wpfl6              wpfl8               wpfl10

I feel like I’m wilting while I’m out walking the dogs. Even though the heat has been brutal, the flowers are thriving, and for that, I’m joyful in July.

 wpfl12              wpfl14             wpfl7

April Showers . . .


I know this post is a little late. Only by what, two months?

wp15 wp14wp12

After a solid month of April showers, there was a spectacular display of May flowers.


So, even though severely overdue, I had to share the beauty of Mother Nature as seen in my little corner of the world.

wp6 wp4wp5

And because it’s so late, I’m taking the opportunity to share a bit of June, too.

wp2wp3 wp


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