Ice Castles


028012The sun, shining brightly directly overhead, did little to curb the bite of the 10 degree day. The wind acquired an arctic bite as it rushed over the walls made of ice. My face and ears felt like they were frost bitten, while my fingers burned with a brutal pain as I forced them to move to keep the blood flowing through them. Why was I here, enduring this torture? To see the ice castles, of course!


038031These breathtaking sculptures are the result of thousands of tons of ice, carefully crafted into walls, turrets, railings, and icicles. Stalagmites and stalactites cultured and grown, then grafted onto the larger structure. Within the castle, the play of shadows and light and the majestic mountains rising in the background combined to create a magical effect. I stumbled through the snow drifts, sliding across slick patches of icy ground while half frozen, the toot of a train sounding in the distance as I lost myself in the ice castles. Hosted by the Loon Mountain Ski Resort in the small town of Lincoln, NH, the ice castle display is open through February 2014.

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