Pudding Pond

pudding2With winter quickly approaching, we’ve been scouting out places to go snowshoeing in the area. When we moved here in March, there was still four feet of snow as far as the eye could see, the result of sno-mageddon 2015. Unfortunately, with all the extra tasks that come with buying a house, we didn’t get much exploring done then. So we’re making up for lost time now. pudding6

For some strange reason, a place by the name of Pudding Pond caught my attention. I can’t imagine why 😉

pudding1This is the trailhead for several nearby mountain paths, as well as a 1.7 mile loop around a huge pond with sparkling waters, a beaver dam, and gorgeous scenery. 1.7 miles might not seem like very long, but it’s the perfect length for that first hike out while you’re getting your snowshoe legs, and with all the offshoot trails, we can easily extend the length of our hike. With such a beautiful place to get outside, I (almost) can’t wait for winter!



A (Covered) Bridge to Nowhere

bridge1Covered bridges, like lighthouses, are one of those things that seem to have a strange kind of rustic charm that lures people in. bridge4There must be a fascination about them, really, to cause such a fuss. Since bridge3moving to New England I’ve seen maps with their locations, organized tours, books, calendars, bridge6coffee cups, sweatshirts-you name it and I’ve seen a covered bridge on it. There’s even one on a back road in the town I live in, a single laned covered bridge that draws tourists into traffic jams like bees to honey. Apparently, in the scheme of things to see in New England, they’re a pretty big deal.

bridge5So imagine my surprise when we wandered upon one out in the middle of nowhere while taking a sideroad to a hiking trail off the Kancamagus Highway. It was the first nippy day of fall, and instead of hiding inside under a blanket next to the pellet stove, we went for a hike to explore new places. And this hidden treasure was our reward 🙂

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